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End of the 12 Bar: Antifolk and Denmark Street

The 12 Bar, London was the spiritual home of Antifolk in the UK, hosting the legendary Antifolk Festivals which started way back in 2004 (two years before House of Tracks). Avid…


Lail Arad releases new single ‘Milo’

We first saw Lail Arad play at an Antifolk festival at 12 Bar, London a few years ago. We were really impressed with her song Everyone Is Moving to Berlin and it…


Insurgent review – Brain dead thinking in Dystopia

This new wave of Hollywood movies targeted at teenagers has, so far, not been synonymous with quality. Quality as in writing, plot, premise, character development, delivery, acting, production and direction. You…


Introducing Scarlett Lashes, filthy media whore

I’m a writer, and for my sins, I sometimes write reviews. But of all the stuff that’s come across my desk to review lately, this is the most unusual. The music…


Girlpool release documentary called ‘Things Are OK’

Los Angeles based DIY duo Girlpool have released a documentary to promote their upcoming tour of Europe and America. The documentary features Harmony and Cleo talking about how they write their…


Young Knives release Christmas song ‘Low Carol’

Oxford three piece (and House of Tracks favourite) Young Knives have released their first Christmas song. The song will feature on the compilation titled ‘Christmas Joy In Full Measure’, out now…


Review of Young Knives live at Sound Control, Manchester

Young Knives have returned to their roots for the release of ‘Sick Octave’, their (Kickstarter funded) fifth studio album.  A playful, experimental and catchy record that manages to encapsulate the Young…

George Pringle live at The Social, London

George Pringle Golfo Dei Poeti album recital review

On Saturday, George Pringle played her first show in three years. It couldn’t have come at a more inconvenient time for me. I was camping with my friends in Shropshire at…

Empire of Fuzz compilation album artwork

Empire of Fuzz indie compilation for free download

Exploding in Sound records have released a new compilation entitled Empire of Fuzz. It features indie tracks, some good, some not so good, but all refreshing at a time when claiming…

A press photo of new band Rascals

Bad new music to steer clear of in 2013

First things first, Happy new year! We survived mayan apocalypse, the four horsemen of 2012 and Jedmas. Unfortunately it seems the worst is yet to come. We’re in the thick of…

Jack Robert Hardman studio

Jack Robert Hardman releases christmas single

To our delight, House of Tracks favourite Jack Robert Hardman is celebrating the festive season with a single release. But don’t think this is going to be a cheesy, cringe worthy ordeal;…


All hail Panzer Dragoon

After swimming through the various oceans of Nostalgia playing Sonic & Allstars racing Transformed I felt it was time to convince the rest of the world that Panzer Dragoon is something…


Halo 4 review

It’s likely that if you know about Halo 4 or are in the slightest bit into games or has been playing on Xbox live you’ll have no doubt been drowned in…


Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed review

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is one of those games many people will walk past in the shop and think it’s a 20min knockoff, a Mario kart clone balanced for kids…